Educate.Motivate.Inspire: ‘Make today your masterpiece’

This is something I tell the boys each and every single day before they head off to school. It may seem like overkill to tell an 11 and 6 year old to make today the best day of their lives, but it is a simple reminder to them and to myself that today is all we are guaranteed. 

It’s a simple mantra with a complex and deep meaning that can help all of us evaluate our priorities for the day. I am not asking you to live your life in fear that it might be your last day, but rather just a call to remember to focus on what you can control. 

Prioritize the “controllables” (your mindset and your response to events) to help drive you towards your goals. Those things that we can not control (our body, the weather, traffic, other peoples words/actions, etc) are not worth the time spent away from the controllable aspects.

As we move into 2019 I ask each of you to start each day with this statement: “Anything that happens to me today is in my best interest and it’s an opportunity to learn and grow”. If you truly embrace this growth mindset statement you will be able to make each day of this new year your masterpiece.



Bucket List

I remember the moment I met Mike.  For those of you who haven’t heard our story, let me fill you in. Mike and I lived in the same apartment complex with a small community workout center.  I went there everyday, sometimes twice, to run on the treadmill (I know, I know…) After seeing each other there a few times and then being introduced by a mutual friend, Mike decided he would run with me.  A few months and 20-something pounds later, he could not keep up the “I like to run” front, and finally asked me out on a date. (Just for the record, Mike hates to run and hasn’t run with me since!)
Three years and many hours spent in globo-gyms later, we were married.  Shortly after,  we created a bucket list together. On it we listed places we wanted to travel, children we hoped to have, and near the top was owning a gym. And now, eight years after creating that list together, we are thrilled that CrossFit Cornelius is not only a check off our bucket list, but a shared passion and life dream.
As we open our doors for the first time to our new community of athletes, we think it’s important to create a bucket list for our box, our community and our future. We plan to revisit this list often, checking things off and adding new goals.
So, here goes.
1. As owners and coaches, we hope to inspire others to work hard and reach goals that they set for themselves, inside and outside of the box.
2. We will build a box that represents all that we love and believe in, and where our members will always be our number one priority.
3.  Create and facilitate an inclusive community of athletes,from all walks of life, who empower and support each other to reach their goals.
4. Build a box that people can’t wait to get to everyday.
5. Never, ever stop learning. Our coaches will constantly research and take part in certifications and seminars to deliver the best CrossFit experience possible to C2.  We will also host seminars in the box for our members on nutrition, Olympic lifting, endurance, etc.
6. Make memories and laugh a lot.
To be continued…
As you read C2’s bucket list, we hope it will inspire you to revisit or create one of your own.  We can’t wait to see what 2014 has in store for each of you and we can’t wait to help you reach your goals!
-Kristin & Mike