Lax Athlete

Lacrosse-specific strength and conditioning program 


What is Lax Athlete?

A year round lacrosse-specific  strength and conditioning program coached in small groups or as a team.
Sessions are meticulously designed for the specific needs of lacrosse players. We take into account and understand exactly what a lax player needs to succeed on the field no matter the players age or experience level.

What's included in a session?


Flow of Each 60-Minute Session:

Agility (Joint Stability)
Speed (First Step/Change of Direction) 
Power (Strength)
Lacrosse-Specific Drills (Application)


Lax players of all levels can benefit from our professional instruction in the areas of:
speed, agility, acceleration/deceleration, strength, power and flexibility. 




When are the sessions?

Mondays 4p

Wednesdays 4p

Fridays 6p

Saturdays 9:30a

(If no local tournaments)


How  Often Should I attend?

In-Season: 1-2 Sessions Max Per Week

Out-of-Season: 2 Sessions Max Per Week