Educate.Motivate.Inspire: ‘Ordinary’

From Coach Zack-

The more I thought about what to write the moreI went down a rabbit hole of quasi inspiration/motivation jargon that we’ve all heard before. I was searching for something profound that seeped deep into the soul; a radical candor that each person reading these words would walk away with that “Ah ha” life transforming moment. Yet, every word that spilled out seemed to be ordinary at best.

Ordinary, something so simple but often misunderstood. Webster describes ordinary as “of a kind to be expected in the normal order of events”, “usual” or “routine”. Too often, we rush past the ordinary for mountain top experiences. We’ve all been there: getting the new job promotion, watching your baby begin to take on the world, losing 15 lbs and fitting into those jeans that have been hanging in the back of the closet. Or how about the vacation that we anticipated for months. The list is infinite but the feeling is finite.

The problem with “Mountain-TopExperiences” is they are fleeting in nature, temporary. Then, as life would have it we are back to the ordinary. But what is ordinary? If we peer into the Latin root of the word itself ordinary is the same root that gives us the word order. Order is no menial task, if you want to challenge that opinion just step into a 5:30pm class on aTuesday afternoon and try your hand at coaching.

Zeno, quoted in Diogenes Laertius, wrote, “Well-being is realized by small steps, but is truly no small thing.” Small everyday steps, the ordinary, is what brings us to well being.

• Moms, it’s making sure that the kids are taken care of each and every day. Without you doing the ordinary task of life all ‘hell’ would break loose.

• Dads, it’s about being the rock in our family, the constant, without you chaos would roam free.

• Student, it’s about taking what seems to be another meaningless note in class, the grades will pay off in the end.

• “CrossFitter”, it’s about going through a 9minute EMOM of holds for :30 a piece (it’s ok to cuss Mike in your head while you’re doing them).

Don’t underestimate the beauty in the ordinary.

The ordinary that we see every single day we walk in the box.

The ordinary that lifts spirits and puts smile s on faces.

The ordinary when Kristin genuinely ask how my day is going every time I see her.

The ordinary in Mike saying “Happy (fill in the day of the week)”. It really does make me happier.

The ordinary in Kell(i) saying “What’s up Whitt, you ready for it today?”…No, not really Kelli, but I am now because of those words.

The ordinary in Hoctor screaming “ALL DAY!” Every time someone goes for a big lift. I’m convinced when he’s in the room everyone’s PR goes up 5 lbs.

The ordinary in Jenny Beard coming in giving me a hug or high five before every class she’s in.

The ordinary in Michelle genuinely giving me pointers just because she wants to see everyone get better each day.

The ordinary in small conversations with Damon and Katlin in the box turning into friendships outside of the hour we workout.

Maybe what I’m learning as a chase this mythological creature, this radical candor of Mountain-Top Experiences is: It’s in the ordinary that we grow together. Make no mistake: each word, each smile, each high five is a culmination or ordinary events that impacts my life, your life, on a grander scale.

What seems to be the most ordinary is often the most profound

  • Coach Zack


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