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(No Measure)

200m Jog
200m Backwards
4 Min@ 65%:
5 Air Squats
5 Scap Push Ups
5 Super Mans


Push Press (10 Min EMOM @ 70%)


Metcon (Weight)

3 sets of:
10 Back Squat (115/75)
:60 Rest
:60 Front Plank
:60 Rest

Add weight used for Back Squat as Score

Metcon (Time)

If no DU:
10 Rounds
20 Singles
10 Sit Ups

“Flight Simulator”

Double Unders


***20 Minute Time Cap***

1. You must complete each set consecutively before moving onto the next

Example: I must do 5 consecutive double unders without breaking before I can move to 10 double unders. I must do 10 consecutive double unders before I move to 15 double unders etc.

2. You will start over on the set you were attempting if you do not get the desired number consecutively.

Example: If I am on set 25 and I trip on 23 double unders…I will start over and try for 25 again and continue this until I either get 25 consecutive double unders or the time runs out.

3. You must break in between sets

Example: After I complete 5 consecutive double unders, I must come to a complete stop, THEN go to set 10 and so on.


Calf and Ankle Mobility:
Lax Ball Smash
Bar Smash

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