C2 – CrossFit


Rowling (No Measure)

To get a perfect strike athletes must use full pulls on the rower with no breaks in between pulls and land exactly on 100m
3 Frames Per Athlete

***1 Burpee for every 1 Meter +/- from 100m

***5 Scap Push Ups + 5 Spider Man Lunges per leg btw each frame


Power Clean (7:00 EMOM 3 PC @ 50-60% + 4 Burpees)

At the top of each minute perform 3 Power Cleans and 4 Burpees

WOD (Workout of the Day)

Athletes choice….7 rowers….3 AD’s…..first come/first serve!

“Death by 10 Meters” (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

Add 10 meters each additional minute until unable to complete required sprints in that minute

“Death by 1 Cal” (Calories)

Add 1 Cal on either Rower or AD each minute unto unable to complete required calls in that minute


:90 Quad Smash w Barbell (per leg)

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