C2 – CrossFit

Halloween WOD!!!

WOD (Workout of the Day)

Zombie Dash & Witch Hunt (Time)

Create teams of 4.

Half of the team does the Zombie WOD, the other half does the Witch WOD, then they switch. You cannot switch until both teams complete the first assigned WOD. At the conclusion, all 4 team members should have completed both WODS. All exercises in both WODS are completed with one partner and one partner resting, in succession. Score: total time for all 4 team members to complete both WODs.

Zombie Dash:

“Walk Like the Dead”

30 wall walks

“Grave Bursters”

60 burpees to plate (25# plate)

“Brain Toss”

60 Wall Ball (20/14)

“Blood on the Bar”

30 Pull ups/60 Ring Rows

Witch Hunt:

“Haul Off the Dead”

400 M Slam Ball Run (30/20)

“Suppressing Fire”

200 Double Unders/400 Single Unders

“Jump High or Die”

100 Box Jumps (24/20″)

“Soul Crushers”

30 Goblet Squats (2/1.5)

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