C2 – CrossFit


200m Jog


Lap Walking Lunges w/ Rotation

Lap Frankensteins w/ Toe Touch

1/2 Lap Heel Walk + 1/2 Lap Toe Walk

1/2 Lap Reverse Heel Walk + 1/2 Lap Reverse Toe Walk


:30 Banded Facepulls immediately into…

:30 Banded Lat Pull Downs.

:30 Rest

:30 DB/KB Press (Light) Immediately into…

:30 DB/KB Crucifix Hold

:30 Rest

:30 KB FW Immediately into…

:30 KB OH Walk

:30 Rest

Gymnastics Volume Development

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

Every :90 for 18:00 (3 Alt Sets of Each)

Set 1: 10 Seated Barbell Z Press (45/35)

Set 2: 6-8 Barbell Curls @4142

Set 2: ME Strict Supinated Grip Chin Ups (RX+ Strict Supinated CTB)

Set 3: 50 Singles (25 DU) + 3 Wall Walks + Push Ups (RX+HSPU)

(Note: Score totals number of reps achieved each round of Push Ups or HSPU; List weights used in the notes)


Warm Up (45/35)

2 Rounds

10 Strokes on Rower


5 Dimmels

5 Barbell Bent over Rows

10 DU or Singles


4:00 to build to DL Load (In between sets start warming up gymnastics movement of choice for WOD)


At Game Speed

10 Strokes on Rower

5 DL

3-4 Pull Ups (or 2-3 of your chosen RX+ movement)

10 DU or Singles

**Make Adjustments to Weight/Reps/Movements w/ coach

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

8:00 AMRAP


40/30 Cals (Row)

Then AMRAP….

10 DL (135/95 225/155)

10 Pull Ups (RX+ 10/8 Ring MU, 15 Bar MU or 20 CTB)

50 DU (150 Singles)

(Note: Score AMRAP Only)
Goals of todays WOD is to learn how to keep HR under control coming off the rower immediately into more pulling movements and dealing with higher level gymnastics movements (respective to your current skill set)

* Cals need to be at a steady output that is about 80-85% of your ME 500m Pace

* DL: Choose a weight that will allow you to go UB or 5.5 with 2 breath rest through 2-3 sets

* Pick the gymnastics pulling movement and reps that will be challenging enough to make you fight to do it in max of 2 sets; Adjust the reps accordingly; Don’t want to get to muscle failure in these movements

* Go for broke on these DU and push to get into the 2nd round of DL


Coach Led

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