Robert Yates

Head Coach
Robert Yates


My CrossFit journey, like most people, began in a puddle of sweat lying on my back with ripped up hands and a hurt ego. Press rewind several months before that moment and like most, I thought I was fit before CrossFit. I ran three to four days a week, loved lifting weights, and felt satisfied waking up sore after a “rigorous” two hour day at the local Gold’s Gym. A clean diet didn’t really mean anything to me. I seriously had a rough time driving past a Dunkin’ Donuts without stopping for at least half a dozen.

A few months down the road I saw some poor man do Fran on YouTube, and he went fast! I was hooked! The very next day I did Fran for the first time, and just knew I could do it in three minutes. One issue however was I could not figure out the “CrossFit pull ups”, so I just did them strict assuming there was no difference. No I did not remotely know what I was getting myself into. No I did not have fun. No I’m not going to tell you my first Fran time.

Two fast years later I am a new coach at CrossFit Cornelius, and I absolutely love it. Each time I can help a fellow CrossFitter adjust their movement pattern successfully, push through a tough workout, PR a lift, or even simply smile, I get amped up. The other coaches around me have been a large part of my small amount of success so far. I can hardly wait to see what the future looks like at C2.

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