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We have been bringing fitness to people around the globe for over a decade. Now you can train, grow and learn from us in a new and exciting way.

Doesn’t matter if your goals are weight loss, strength or to be a fitter human. We can help.

| Virtual CrossFit Cornelius |

This online program is built for athletes looking to workout at home or at another gym. Our virtual program gives you full access to weekly CrossFit, Hybrid|Fit, Weightlifting, Endurance, Mobility and Accessory programming. Everything you need to reach your goals!

Price Options:

$29.99 per month

$325 1 Year Paid-in-Full (10% Discount)

| Virtual Weightlifting |

This programming is designed to help you become more efficient with Olympic Weightlifting. Focusing on the development of the clean & jerk and snatch, this program will take approximately 45-60 minutes to complete daily and will include strength progressions for squatting, pressing and pushing movements.

This is an opportunity for you to have a true weightlifting progression designed by USAW (USA Weightlifting) certified coach (Owner-Mike Ratnofsky) to follow. Having coached at national events for years, Mike has worked with athletes competing at Junior Nationals, Senior Nationals, the American Open and many local/regionals meets.


5 Workouts Per Week

Price: $9.99 per month

Limited Access to Wodify (Our App) to view workouts/track strength

  • Alvin F.'s success story
    Alvin F.'s success story

    The best version of me

    C2 Community, Tomorrow marks my two years of Crossfit and what an amazing journey so far. We all have our reasons for joining Crossfit but mine was about Cher, Ava & Zoe and challenging myself to become “the very best version of me.” While...

    Alvin F.

    6 year(s) at CrossFit Cornelius

  • Dr. Amanda K.'s success story

    CrossFit Cornelius is life saving! 

    "CrossFit Cornelius Training is life saving!  I am a busy mom of twin boys juggling hectic work, life, school, & family schedules.   I have struggled with my weight, body image, & mental health my entire life.  I also have cerebral palsy which ...

    Dr. Amanda K.

    6 year(s) at CrossFit Cornelius

  • Doug C.'s success story
    Doug C.'s success story

    "Life Saving"

    I was 210 lbs before I joined Crossfit, anxiety was through the roof, and really was absent of any healthy habits and goals.  Now I’m 170 lbs, fittest I’ve been at 41 since college athletics.  Both the physical and mental transformations have been...

    Doug C.

    9 year(s) at CrossFit Cornelius

  • Rob C.'s success story
    Rob C.'s success story

    Hard Work, Works

    Rob has put in an amazing amount of hard work over the years, but the result has added years back on to his life. From 240# and de-conditioned to a lean mean fighting machine. Rob tried numerous ways for a quick fix to his weight dilemma but it wasn’t u...

    Rob C.

    8 year(s) at CrossFit Cornelius