C2 – CrossFit


200m Jog


10 Steps Forward (Hip Circle) + 10 Squats

10 Steps Backwards (Hip Circle) + 10 Squats

10 Laterals Steps (Left) + 10 Lateral Steps (Right)


:10 Spider Man Lunge (Right)

:10 Samson Stretch (Right)

:10 Hamstring Stretch (Right)

:10 Russian Babymaker

:10 Spider Man Lunge (Left)

:10 Samson Stretch (Left)

:10 Hamstring Stretch (Left)

:10 Russian Babymaker

:10 Right Arm to Sky/Left Hand on Ground (Bottom of squat)

:10 Left Arm to Sky/Right Hand on Ground (Bottom of squat)


Take 5:00 to build to initial load…..

(Note: Focus on bracing and staying active throughout the entire ROM; Practice positive self-talk throughout sets of 10 in preparation of the 20’s. Complete reset of trunk maximum of every 5 reps for all sets)

Back Squat (Every 4:00 for 12:00 (3 Sets))

Back Squats @ 20X1

Set 1: 10 Reps @ 40-45% + 10 Air Squats w/ Hip Circle

Set 2: 10 Reps @ 50-55% + 10 Air Squats w/ Hip Circle

Set 3: 20 Reps @ +5# (From Last Session)

(Note: Do not go over 5# jumps from previous session)


Warm Up

2 Rounds (Waterfall style)

:30 Spin (No Arms) about 50-60%

:20 Spin (W/ Arms) about 60-70%

:10 Spin (W/ Arms) about 70-80%

Metcon (5 Rounds for calories)

Every 3:00 for 15:00 (5 Sets)

:60 ME AB for Cals

Rest/Walk 2:00

(Note: Cals per round)
Goal of todays WOD is simple….we are learning what lactic power really is to each of us during interval training. 1:00 on…..2:00 to recover. This is an amazing opportunity to have data right in front of you to learn your engines. Some things to think about:

* Note the RPM’s (bottom right of the screen) you are able to average each round

* Understand where in each round you see any dramatic drop-off

* Try to find an avg RPM you can get comfortable and not completely fall off (i.e. more than 10%)

* Let is all hang loose on the final round and see how long you are able to sustain those RPMs!!


Coach Led

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